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The research activities carried out at DICI in the area of Civil Engineering originate from the themes specific to the scientific sectors of the area, but they often develop in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner on issues transversal to the entire Civil Engineering and also in collaboration with sectors of Industrial Engineering.

Infrastructural and transportation engineering, real estate appraisal and investment valuation
The sector studies the design, construction, maintenance, and control of transport infrastructures (roads, railways, and airports with their internal nodes and intermodal terminals) and aspects relating to the mobility of people and the transport of goods with the related logistics.

The sector conducts research in the fields of physical, geometric, and spatial geodesy, topography, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, cartography, remote sensing, navigation, and geographic information systems.

The research activities of the sector concern the theories and techniques for the physical-mechanical modelling of earths and rocks in the static and dynamic field and the analysis of problems related to geotechnical works (foundations, underground constructions, excavations and support works, tunnels, embankments, and constructions in loose materials).

Structural Mechanics
The sector studies the mechanics of materials, solids, and structures and addresses problems involving the statics, dynamics, and equilibrium stability of structures, structural optimisation, damage and fracture mechanics, plasticity, and experimental mechanics.

Structural Engineering
The research activities of the sector concern the design of new civil constructions, as well as the rehabilitation of existing buildings, with particular attention to the effects of actions on buildings (including seismic actions), of the type and morphology of structures, of the construction materials and technologies of the interaction with the ground and environment, of the methods and strategies of use and control.

Official Laboratory for Experiences on Construction Materials
Experimental Laboratory for Transport Infrastructures 
Geotechnical Laboratory
ASTRO Laboratory