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Aula Magna Pacinotti, Scuola di Ingegneria

Terzo appuntamento con i nostri ricercatori e le nostre ricercatrici, che raccontano il proprio lavoro

Aula Pacinotti



Leonardo Marrazzini - Lean Manufacturing and Engineer-to-Order 4.0

Francesca Mattei - Reliability of post-tensioned bridge decks

Agnese Natali - Reliability of post-tensioned bridge decks

Andrea Pucciarelli - Numerical activities in support of GEN IV Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics analyses

Claudio Ricci - Olive oil production-derived waste as antibacterial coatings for medical devices: new strategies

Eleonora Stefanelli - CO2 capture from high-temperature combustion gases: developing innovative technologies based on regenerable solid sorbents

Marco Vaccari - Integrated Approaches for Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in the Process Industry: Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization