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Aula Magna Dini, Scuola di Ingegneria

Ultimo appuntamento del primo ciclo degli Apericerca del DICI.

Aula Magna Dini ore 17:00



Michela Angelucci - Advancing Nuclear Safety Analysis: Applying System Codes in Fission and Fusion Environments

Bartolomeo Cosenza - Optimization Algorithms for Renewable Energy Systems

Alessio Innocenti - Modelling and simulations of multiphase - multiscale flows

Rachele Lamioni - "Green" energy vectors: developing numerical models to advance conversion technologies

Filippo Landi - Climate change effects on life-cycle and reliability of existing constructions and infrastructures

Chiara Riccardi- Toward sustainability of the road construction sector: turning discarded biomasses and polymers into subsitute of the binder in asphalt pavement

Damiano Rossi - Driving toward sustainability: turning discarded fishing nets and used cooking oils into automotive advancements