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Jeff Lane e Tommy Moore (Numerical Advisory Solutions)

L'incontro fa parte del ciclo 2023-24 "Past-students and Expert Webinars in Nuclear Energy", un programma di webinar sull'energia nucleare tenuti da ex-studenti unipi ed esperti internazionali.
Il ciclo è organizzato nell'ambito del progetto ENEN2plus, dell'European Nuclear Education Network.

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Dr. Jeff Lane is the Technical Direcon for Numerical Advisory Soluons (NAS). His background is in soware development, computaonal thermal-hydraulics and reactor safety analysis for both exisng LWRs as well as next generaon SMR and non-LWR concepts. His primary responsibility is the GOTHIC coarse-grid CFD soware, but he has also been involved with development of digital twins, the applicaon of machine learning to guide simulaons, accident management and data-driven modeling. Dr. Lane received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University where he studied under the Rickover Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering.

Dr. Tommy Moore has 10 years of experience in the nuclear field with a focus on experimental and computaonal thermal hydraulics, computaonal fluid dynamics, reactor safety analysis, and reactor design. Dr. Moore recently earned his PhD in nuclear engineering from Oregon State University where he worked on the High Temperature Test Facility as a test engineer, taught the introductory thermal-fluids courses, and performed a Star-CCM+ benchmark for a transient sodium-cooled fuel test in support of the Transient Reactor Test Facility restart.