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L'incontro fa parte del ciclo 2023-24 "Past-students and Expert Webinars in Nuclear Energy", un programma di webinar sull'energia nucleare tenuti da ex-studenti unipi ed esperti internazionali.
Il ciclo è organizzato nell'ambito del progetto ENEN2plus, dell'European Nuclear Education Network.

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Luca Ferrante graduated from the University of Bologna in Civil Engineering and has over 15 years of experience in management and construction of NPP. His experience in nuclear power began at MO34 for the refurbishment and completion project of the 2 VVER440 (1.654 MW tot), managing the engineering of the convection and the nuclear island and then creating the turnover process of the buildings and the relate systems to commissioning team in order  to begin the commissioning and future operations. Luca Ferrante is currently working as a Senior Project Manager for Bylor, (JV between Bouygues TP and Laing O`Rourke), for the construction of 2 EPR at HPC Hinkley Point C (3.2 GW). At HPC has been involved in the manufacturing and assembly of the PTLS scope (pools, tanks, containment liner and sumps) across the 2 units for the Nuclear Island and since the 2021 is in charge of delivery of the HLs safety building, managing the civil works and the coordination of MEH installation. In parallel, Luca is actively involved with Bologna and Roma University running workshops regarding Nuclear Quality and Management of Nuclear construction.