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Ronald Schram (NRG, Palla, The Netherlands) 

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Ronald Schram has studied physical chemistry at the University of Amsterdam.  In 1994 he acquired his Ph.D. on statistical mechanics and fluctuation theory, applied to  fast and slow sound phenomena in binary gas mixtures. In that same year he started to work in Petten, studying thermochemical properties of nuclear materials. He spent almost 30 year of his career in various positions in research, operation, and management, both in the nuclear energy and nuclear medical domain. He is closely involved in the PALLAS reactor project, from the first initiative in 2003, until now.  In his current role as Director Strategic Alliances of NRG|PALLAS, Ronald is involved in the international and national networks on nuclear knowledge infrastructure, both for energy and health. He has a strong interest in practical applications and the positive societal impact of nuclear, recognizing the importance of nuclear knowledge and training. The presentation will outline the role of research reactors in nuclear medical production and R&D for energy and health, and the underlying principles of irradiation technology. The deployment of the PALLAS reactor for future nuclear medical production and energy research will be highlighted in the webinar.