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Final Conference of BIONTOP EU project

Download the laeflet of the Conference


9.00: Introduction (Andrea Lazzeri, INSTM & UNIPI, Italy)

9.15: Overview of BIONTOP project (Rafael Alonso, AIMPLAS, Spain)

9.40: Biobased, biodegradable and recyclable materials for films and trays (Maria-Beatrice Coltelli, INSTM & UNIPI, Italy)

10.05: Biobased materials for textile packaging and its coating (Willem Uyttendaele, Centexbel, Belgium)

10.30: Surface modification of films (Corina Reichert, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany)

10.55: Bioplastics from research to policy: Where is European policy making heading for? (Chiara Bearzotti, European Bioplastics)

11.20-11.45: End of seminar and coffee break for participants