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protagonisti le nostre ricercatrici e i nostri ricercatori, che a ogni appuntamento racconteranno il proprio lavoro. Al termine delle presentazioni un piccolo aperitivo, per continuare la discussione



11 gennaio h 17:00 Aula Pacinotti

Laura Aliotta - Production and evaluation of thermo-mechanical and fracture properties of polymeric and ceramic matrix composites with improved sustainability

Francesco Galleni - Thermal-hydraulic numerical modelling for safety analyses of nuclear fusion reactors

Vito Gigante - Optimizing Processing Operations to Tailor Properties and Morphologies across Multisector Applications

Mariangela Guastaferro - Optimization and simulation of thermo-chemical processes for sustainable fuels production

Giuseppe Macoretta - Mechanical properties and environmental degradation of additively manufactured metallic materials

Stefano Stacul - Soil-Structure Interaction for existing structures affected by complex seismic and hydrogeological conditions


18 gennaio Aula Pacinotti

Marco Bassetto - Investigation of alternative E-sail configurations for enhanced maneuver capability

Miriam Cappello - Wastes as resources: tannery sludge and used cooking oil as sorbents of Volatile Organic Compounds from tannery air emissions

Andrea Chiocca - Efficiency in Fatigue Computation: Leveraging Advanced Numerical Techniques for Green Technology

Eugeniu Grabovic - Experimental Characterization of Wear and Lubrication of Metallic Materials and Surface Coatings for the Development of Numerical Models for the Optimization of Efficiency and Service Life of Gear Transmissions

Marco Lagnoni - Challenges in Li-ion batteries: modelling tools to overcome performance and sustainability limitations


25 gennaio Aula Pacinotti

Leonardo Marrazzini - Lean Manufacturing and Engineer-to-Order 4.0

Francesca Mattei - Reliability of post-tensioned bridge decks

Agnese Natali - Management, Control and Monitoring of Existing Bridges

Andrea Pucciarelli - Numerical activities in support of GEN IV Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics analyses

Claudio Ricci - Olive oil production-derived waste as antibacterial coatings for medical devices: new strategies

Eleonora Stefanelli - CO2 capture from high-temperature combustion gases: developing innovative technologies based on regenerable solid sorbents

Marco Vaccari - Integrated Approaches for Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in the Process Industry: Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization

1 febbraio Aula Magna Dini

Michela Angelucci - Advancing Nuclear Safety Analysis: Applying System Codes in Fission and Fusion Environments

Bartolomeo Cosenza - Optimization Algorithms for Renewable Energy Systems

Alessio Innocenti - Modelling and simulations of multiphase - multiscale flows

Rachele Lamioni - "Green" energy vectors: developing numerical models to advance conversion technologies

Filippo Landi - Climate change effects on life-cycle and reliability of existing constructions and infrastructures

Chiara Riccardi- Toward sustainability of the road construction sector: turning discarded biomasses and polymers into subsitute of the binder in asphalt pavement

Damiano Rossi - Driving toward sustainability: turning discarded fishing nets and used cooking oils into automotive advancements