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The Nuclear engineering is an extremely advanced technological sector that is continuously developing both nationally and internationally in its many and different research activities.

All the typical research activities of the sector are developed at the department DICI, such as the safety and protection of fission and fusion nuclear plants, structural integrity and safety design, thermo-hydraulic issues, severe accident, dynamic behavior of structures, nuclear materials, radioactive waste management and decommissioning, nuclear measurements and radiation protection, core design and reactor physics etc., which are often carried out in collaboration with the most important national and international industries, universities and research centres.

These research topics are developed both with a numerical modelling / simulation approach and by performing experimental activities, in a synergistic and / or complementary way, using the most recent and innovative technologies and the most advanced calculation software.

The research carried out in the nuclear field is multidisciplinary, oriented towards sustainability and the acquisition of knowledge and development of tools and components that also find application in other fields of engineering and science.