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Chemical and process plants falling under the obligations of the Seveso III Directive 2012/18/EU (“Seveso sites”) are potential target of physical and cyber-attacks. These security threats may trigger cascading ‘domino’ effects, such as the release of hazardous substances into the environment and accidents in other areas of the industrial facility.
The LIFE SECURDOMINO project aims to develop and test a tool for the assessment of safety and security hazards and risks related to domino effects in Seveso sites through plant inspection and aerial photogrammetry performed by drones that will enable the plant three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction and mapping. The tool will provide real-time data for each mapped element to evaluate the probabilities and consequences of accidents, accounting for safety-security barriers and their performances to support hazard-risk assessments and demonstrate possible dominos events.



Project coordinator:

  • Prof. Gabriele Landucci